How To Play GTA 5 & GTA Online With Friends

If you’ve spent as much time as we have played video games, chances are you’ve heard of one or more of their many virtual reality options: PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Daydream. Each of these gaming platforms has its unique features and applications, but the same basic experience can be achieved with all three at the same time.

The best way to play GTA 5 & GTA Online together is through a computer-enabled application called GTA V Online. You see, online gaming is nothing new to us gamers; it’s something we’ve been doing for years now. And it’s never been more convenient than in 2018 when you can play your favorite games on any compatible device from any smartphone, tablet or computer. Here are a few ways to play GTA 5 & GTA Online with friends:

Play GTA V Online

Make your move, ORS! Remember those classic games you played as a child? You can direct that nostalgia towards our virtual reality options and you’ll be fine. Given the availability of headsets, controllers, and applications, there’s no need to be afraid of breaking the Internet trend. You’ll still be able to access your old games and apps, and you can even watch your old videos and photos from those old devices.

As long as there are internet connections in your house, your computer and smartphone can work together as one. The best part? You can play GTA V online with people all around the world! If you have a friend in the U.S., you can play GTA online with them in the U.S. and around the world. That’s right, no matter where you are in the world, you can still play your GTA 5 & GTA Online with your friends.

Trade and customize your character

If you don’t fancy getting all cozy with your character, you can always go the classic route and trade it in for the more authentic, more sporty model. This can be a great way to level up a new character, or even contribute to her campaigns in the game. There are many ways to go about this, but the most reliable method is to use the tradeable version of your character.

This way, you don’t have to spend money on an expensive model that doesn’t come with any poses or stats. You can simply exchange your character image for a model that comes with the job details, cape, and gloves. This can be a great way to get a few extra points or to level up your character to a higher standard. Just make sure you’re trading your old character first, as you don’t want to lose any poses, stats, or behaviors!

Go to parties

Every social class has its themed party opportunities! You can take your virtual date to one of the five club events in GTA V: The Rotten Estates, The Rosed End, The AAC, and The Club. Just make sure you’re at least in the same social group as the other players, as these events are a little more pricey. You can also join in with the more happening clubs, such as The Paradise Pier, The Alpari Club, and The Club Down Under. These clubs are open to the public, so anyone can join in.

If you’re after a more exclusive experience, Club Med is a private club that only members can join. It costs $500 for two months, but you’re guaranteed a monthly fee for that. So, you end up with a few extra bucks saved each month. If you’re looking for a more social experience, go for Clubacca! This is a club for serious clubgoers only.

You’ll have to sign a contract promising to contribute to the club at any moment, but there are perks like a private speech or cooking seminar. As long as there are internet connections in the house, you can also play GTA V online with other players.

Get creative with in-game assets

You don’t have to be an artist to create your in-game assets. You can use the in-game asset store to create your models, textures, car parts, and even different costumes for your character. There are many ways to go about this, but the most reliable method is to create an object out of any material you have available and then use that object as the basis for an in-game asset.

For example, you can use a picture on your wall to stand out in-game against the black and white images of your character on the wall. This can be a great way to create a different style of art for your character or even a new look for your room. There may be other cheaper, easier-to-code-and-minimize ways to go about this, but using the in-game assets is the most reliable way to get creative with it.

Go out on dates

Go out on dates with friends again, and this time, you’ll have to go with the right one. You know how to score high, right? Well, go out with the pros! You can go out with GTA V characters, Downloadable content (DLC) members, or anyone else with access to the internet.

You can create a meeting place in the game, share a quick moment, and then head back to your place to have a few more laughs. You can even invite a significant other to your place for a quickie, or even passionate sex, for a few hundred dollars. You don’t need to be a member of a club to join in on these activities, either; just visit any online gaming forums and see what everyone’s talking about.


In a world of social media, competitive gaming, and increasingly, competitive video games, it might come as a surprise to learn that there is still a way to play a new game: computer games. With the rise of virtual reality and the success of the games that come with it, the number of options for players has grown, and with it the number of ways to play the games.

It can be hard to know where to start, but with these tips and downloads, you’ll be ready to hit the ground running. From there, you can select from many different options when it comes to game playing. There are so many options that it is hard to know where to start; that is when it comes to playing a new game. If you ever get the chance to try out a new game, make sure you pick up a copy and see what comes of it.

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